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Saturday, January 12, 2013

"To Travel Is To Live"

What I wouldn't give to go out into the world and travel day and night. To drive to the airport and catch the first plane out of here. I want to immerse myself in the culture of wherever I've ended up. I want to discover everything I can about the country, it's history and culture, the food, the language, the religion, the rituals and traditions. How they live day to day. I don't believe in travelling to just spend all your time in a luxury five star hotel, or a gorgeous three story shopping mall. Travelling is about adventure, experience, culture. Travelling can teach you so much and is so good for the soul.

So here's my ultimate plan: I finish school here in NZ and move back to England to go to uni, but while I'm waiting for the first term of uni to start, I take a trip and travel around Europe. Despite having lived in England for most of my life, I never traveled around Europe that much, except for frequent visits to see my grandmother in Spain. We would always travel to America, The Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada  I'm not complaining! Gosh no, travelling when I was younger was such a blessing, but now I'm older and haven't left NZ for six years, I'm ready to travel again and Europe is where I'd love to go.

I'd love to spend the rest of my life travelling, well maybe that's an exaggeration but I sure don't want to stop like I have for my education. The wanderlust is too much! So maybe sometime soon I might be able to go overseas... Exciting stuff (yet to be confirmed yet though)!

Anyway, Sophie's Wise Life Advice For The Day: Travel, travel, travel! (that's probably not very wise advice actually... ah well!)


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