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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Is Here!

So Christian and I spent New Years together and it was faaaan-tas-tic! I took some clips and videos from throughout the night that I will eventually magically mash together to form a hopefully half decent, half interesting short film... maybe. But for now, there is a photo of us from this morning.

We made sausage rolls from scratch. They were so delicious. We also jumped in the pool at midnight and set off fireworks! We played Sim City 4 and Crash Bandicoot 2 which was so much fun. Although our cities weren't very successful, at least at the beginning. Then for the rest of the evening we ate food, talked and relaxed.

How was your New Year? I hope you kicked 2013 off with a bang! We certainly did (fireworks!!). New Year's resolutions anyone? I know I have a very long list of things to improve about myself although I won't share all of those now. I guess a big one for me this year is to work on my self esteem. I'll get there eventually! :)

I know for me one of the biggest parts of my 2012 were some of the friends I made - Julia and Louise definitely  As well as becoming better friends with Laith, Anna, (Olive, Lizzie and Jim Jam too, although we were already so close) and a few others. All my friends have been such a big part of my year. I know they'll be just as important this year too. Also, I got my drivers license and Christian owes me a dollar. I went into surgery... twice. It sure was an eventful year!

Anyway, I better get going with the rest of New Year's Day and work on those New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Years Everyone! And have a absolutely fantastic 2013!

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