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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Few New Drawings

So I have numerous amounts of gorgeous little notebooks and the other afternoon I picked one up and started drawing. I'm not too sure where my inspiration came from for the first two but I can assure you that the last one is due to my recent viewing of Despicable Me 2. Every time I go watch an animation film at the cinema, I leave with a huge driving passion to be an animator when I'm older and to work for Disney Animation Studios. I'm not sure how that'll end up working out but regardless, it led me to draw one of minions from Despicable Me 2. I'm about 50% sure this is Kevin but after quite a while googling it, I couldn't quite figure out which minion was which.
I hope you like them

Friday, July 19, 2013

Keeping You Updated

Hello my lovelies, just keeping you updated on what I've been up to recently.
I've just started an exciting little project that may lead somewhere but it may not... here's a little sneak peak!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lambs! In Winter?

So here's some exciting news... we have two lambs!! In the middle of Winter... I know, it was unexpected and we're not really sure how it happened (well of course we know how but, well, we don't really know who the daddy is, if you will). Anyway, we have them and they are adorable. Born today around midday. Unfortunately they have an awful mother who is rejecting them :( and one of them can't walk yet because it's too weak so I get to look after it. Also, sorry for not looking my best - I had just got out of the shower after cleaning up from walking around the field with sheep all afternoon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Youth - Daughter

Less than a month ago Daughter released their new video for their song Youth from their album "If You Leave". I have to admit, I've been listening to Youth for ages, it's not a new find for me but it never gets boring, it's such a beautiful song.

words are falling out like endless rain into a paper cup

Across The Universe (2007)
If you haven't seen this film already then you probably should, especially if you're someone who loves and appreciates The Beatles. Directed by Julie Taymor and with the wonderful cast including Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson and a little few surprises, it is one of my all time favourite films.
It's a British-American musical romantic drama (yes, it sure includes a lot) that takes inspiration from The Beatles and their music, so maybe if you don't like musicals or you're an action movie person then maybe this isn't quite the movie for you. I'm still all for trying something knew though and in my opinion it's an absolutely amazing film so if you have a spare moment, especially as it's the holidays for some of us, seriously consider watching this!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creative Writing - What Do You Think Of Me?

You must understand, my friend, that I have no single opinion, one worded opinion, of anyone. Instead my thoughts of you are based on a collection of memories and experiences.
Some are happy, some are sad, some fill me with rage and hatred for you, but some are fond and sweet.
So as you can see, my opinions are fluid and often alter in state.
So for me to even start to answer your question, it would cost me many hours and many memories and I wish not a trip down memory lane.

"It takes time because Tony has no single clear image of her mother. The memory of her is composed of shiny fragments, like a vandalized mosaic, or like something brittle that's been dropped on the floor. Every once in a while Tony takes out the pieces and arranges and rearranges them, trying to make them fit. (Though she hasn't spent very long at this yet. The wreck is too immediate)." -Margaret Atwood (The Robber Bride)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Imagine You're On A Road Trip

Little Holiday Away

For Dad's birthday we decided to have a three day retreat to the Coromandel and it was absolutely beautiful. I got the chance to shoot some gorgeous scenery and we all had such a good time (especially Arthur - our very energetic labrador) 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Artist

The Florist

I would love to be a florist.
Day after day arranging beauty with my finger tips, sending bouquets from lover to lover, cutting flowers from their roots, sending them to their death beds.
Isn't it beautiful?
How their last moments bring joy to others.
Yet sad, bittersweet should I say.
Sort of like life.
I would love to be a florist.