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Friday, December 21, 2012

World Doesn't End and Early Christmas Presents!

Today I went over to Christians and we exchanged our Christmas presents for each other. So him being one of the most incredible people ever, got me just what I've been wanting for ages... a pot plant! I know, so exciting! Seriously though... Look...
Isn't he the cutest thing in the world?!?!? His name is Clarence and he sits very happily on my desk. Not only did he get me the gorgeous Clarence but I also got two OPI nail polishes, Greenwich Village and the Shatter Blue which are both amazing. Obviously I'll have to go with the green for Christmas but I'll be sure to try out the blue shatter in the new year. He also got me (because he is ever so wonderful) a set of Galaxy chocolate. Yum! I've already had some of it but I'm going to try save some for New Years so I can share it all with him.
In exchange (although it hardly makes up for the amazing presents he gave me), I got him a really nice shirt, chocolate kisses, Jelly Babies from the UK grocers (because English lollies are obviously superior) and one of his favourite chocolates; Dairy Milk's Black Forest.
Then we watched New Girl, cooked and ate sausage rolls for the first time in a while and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Oh and we also played Little Big Planet 2 together.
'Twas a wonderful day.

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