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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Creative Writing - What Do You Think Of Me?

You must understand, my friend, that I have no single opinion, one worded opinion, of anyone. Instead my thoughts of you are based on a collection of memories and experiences.
Some are happy, some are sad, some fill me with rage and hatred for you, but some are fond and sweet.
So as you can see, my opinions are fluid and often alter in state.
So for me to even start to answer your question, it would cost me many hours and many memories and I wish not a trip down memory lane.

"It takes time because Tony has no single clear image of her mother. The memory of her is composed of shiny fragments, like a vandalized mosaic, or like something brittle that's been dropped on the floor. Every once in a while Tony takes out the pieces and arranges and rearranges them, trying to make them fit. (Though she hasn't spent very long at this yet. The wreck is too immediate)." -Margaret Atwood (The Robber Bride)

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