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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Old Friend

She hadn't visited in a while. I thought I was rid of her. Apparently not. I welcomed her with open arms though, and she buried herself deep into my chest, filling up the cavity, devouring what was previously there. Consuming me. I had forgotten how it felt, how addictive was, that certain sadness. Some of you may know her, a demon disguised as an angel, all dressed in white. Hollowness disguised as purity. Darkness disguised in light. Pain disguised as relief and distraction. She possesses you. She crawls inside your mind, filling the spaces from your bitten fingernails to the ends of your split hairs. She will never disappear, at least not without leaving scars. I thought she was gone for good. I thought I'd conquered her. I thought... well that doesn't matter now, does it? Because she's back. I'd like to think this time I won't let her win, but I can already feel her taking over...


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